Posted by: Brad | 20 December 2008

Toronto Love

A while back, my housemate Petra and I went to the see the rather awesome band Yeasayer at a little place called the Horseshoe Tavern. (The Horseshoe, incidentally, was built in 1861, originally housed a blacksmith, and has in previous lives been a saloon, a 1960s blues and folk hangout, and a watering hole for mods, punks, and new wave fans. And if we can trust Wikipedia, Dan Akroyd was once a co-owner. So there you go.) Anyway, because Yeasayer are a rather awesome band, and because Petra and I are fools, none of this ended up making a bit of difference to us – tickets were, of course, sold out.

Instead we went for a beer in the bar next door (the friendly doorman at the Horseshoe had also told us that he’d come and wave to us if they decided to let any more people in), and enjoyed a strangely endearing but not particularly talented performance by a bunch of musicians playing something best described as folk jazz, or perhaps best not described at all. One of them played a cardboard box and I can assure you this trend will not be taking off.

The bar was one of those long, thin, cramped kinds, probably an extension of the esteemed Horseshoe, many years ago, so seating was sparse. Sitting across from Petra and I were a group of young friends – a blonde girl and a couple of male counterparts. And then there was Pavel.

Pavel was, for want of a better term, “enthusiastically single”. The girl at our table, being not particularly offensive to the eye, was naturally his target. He proceeded to hit on her with nary an ounce of subtlety or dignity. It was like watching one of those dodgy ’80s movie scenes where the sleazy guy struts up to the clearly-out-of-his-league stunner in the corner, all quiffed hair (and I’m not just talking on his head) and bad cologne, and ends up with a Cosmopolitan all over him. Instead, Pavel handed the girl a business card and made a swift exit.

Rather amused by this course of events, I snapped a picture of the girl (and card – with her permission of course), and I’ve included it below.


Turns out that Dimitri is (relatively) well known around Toronto (although he seems to have, er, fairly “select” interests), but Pavel’s a new addition to the “Sexual Guru Program”. There’s a blog post here about the whole saga:

Dimitri, of course, is James Sears, the man whose unsavoury history is well-documented and whose distressing voicemail messages to a woman recently made him the deserved subject of worldwide ridicule. In spite of ego hit after ego hit, Dimitri is still making the rounds and still scheduling meetings

Suffice it to say, these guys sound incredibly creepy and more than a little predatory, and my first-hand experience doesn’t give me much reason to doubt that conclusion.


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