Posted by: Brad | 8 December 2008

Ramblings On My Lack Thereof

So I just realised something that I should have realised a while ago: If I keep thinking about this blog like I am, I’m never going to get it updated. The problem is, I always have this idealised version of myself, writing long and eloquent posts about life and everything that falls between the cracks, updating regularly, and forming, over the course of my trip, a nice narrative. Of course, the real me does nothing of the sort. Instead I’ve half-written about six entries (and put them in the I’ll-fix-them-up-later category), and actually posted even fewer.

No more. From now on I promise a minimum of two updates a week, even if those updates end up being as banal as just saying, “It’s snowing”. (It is, by the way. Looks nice.)

The point is, the next time I have something to say I’m just going to say it, instead of second-guessing myself, or trying to find a place for my words in some grand narrative that’s never really going to be formed in the first place. And if that means all the stuff I promised from earlier (photos of New York and Los Angeles, descriptions of the house, etc.) ends up going up late, or out of order, or whatever, so be it; if nothing else it should give a nice symbolic parallel to what my life is actually like: a bit of a shambles.

Anyway, I suppose I should make an effort to work with this premise. This update will be of the shorter variety rather than the longer, because we’re at the pointy end of the semester, and as I’ve unfortunately discovered, the homework rarely writes itself.

Right now, in between various readings on feminist interpretations of international law and some thoroughly confusing essays on transcendental politics (don’t ask), I’m trying to figure what the hell I’m going to do while the temperatures plummet to some minus twenty degrees around me (right now it’s minus twelve; it’s cold).

We’ve just had cable connected, so that takes care of my nights at least. (There are generally three or more NBA games on each evening, so I can’t imagine there’s ever a reason to leave the house during the night time again.) And I’ve downloaded my Christmas cartoons. Those of you who know me might be a little surprised to know that I’m quite the sentimentalist when it comes to Christmas, and I will happily sit myself in front of the tube and shovel hour upon hour of saccharine, wholesome, joyous Christmas cartoons down my throat. So if any of you are worried about my being lonely over Christmas, don’t – I’ve got the Smurfs, and Frosty, and Charlie Brown to keep me company.

P.S. Thanks to Arianna Huffington for the kick in the backside.

P.P.S. House photo should be fixed. I’m not sure why the photograph of my house, in the post below, is not working. (I assume everyone else is seeing the “currently unavailable” error?) I’ll try to sort it out.



  1. Shambolic blogging – fuck yeah. I myself have just rolled my two stupid blogs into one stupid blog and have plans to, like, update it and shit. I’ll post my hideously out of date crap if you post yours.

  2. You’ve got yourself a deal, C Lo.

    “Niches in a Twist,” I like it.

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