Posted by: Brad | 8 December 2008

Central Park

The photographs here are from the first two weeks of my trip, of Central Park in New York City (right in the centre of Manhattan, for those who are wondering). I wholeheartedly reject everything I wrote in that earlier post, by the way. Photographic cliches? I love ’em. Tourist hot spots? They are all I think about.

Truly though, the beauty and enormity of Central Park is something that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. (One thing I did realise, wandering around the park, was how little attention I pay to the natural beauty of Melbourne. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been to our perfectly spectacular Royal Botanic Gardens. I will remedy this when I get home.) Inside the park the city literally disappears; occasionaly the stern grey summit of a skyscraper pokes its head out of the clouds and looms over the trees, but for the most part the greenery is literally everywhere. You could, I suspect, spend hours walking its paths without once doubling your tracks or even seeing a glimpse of the surrounding city.

It even has its own zoo. It is modest, admittedly, housing only a small selection of creatures, from the positively hideous puffins – who surely are developing inferiority complexes, tucked as they are next to the vivacious and much-loved penguins; families of chattering tourists frown and stow their cameras away as they pass these spectacularly ugly birds – to the enormous and magnificent, but solitary, polar bear.

The turtles, ever relaxed, are a favourite of mine. (Perhaps it’s just that I still get a kick out of imagining them doing Bogart impressions and eating pizza in sewers – hey, the Ninja Turtles are from New York.) But surely any species comfortable enough to conduct a five-member orgy in front of a crowd of friends and eager photographers has to get some kind of credit.

If you’re looking for the rest of the photos, they’re on my Facebook.



  1. I like sexy turtles too.

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