Posted by: Brad | 25 October 2008

The Annex

my house, just chillin out, bein a house

614 Huron Street: my house, just chillin' out, bein' a house

My neighbours are rich. It’s not unusual for students to be situated in relatively affluent areas – the inner city is inevitably where the university campuses are, and where there are universities, there are students. Of course.

But my neighbours are, like, stinking rich. Huge and beautiful Victorian-era houses line the leafy streets and it seems that every other day there are new televisions and pieces of furniture being casually thrown out onto the nature-strip. Actually, this has been handy, and so far I’ve managed to furnish my room from this generosity; I’ve got a television, a VCR, and a very pretty armchair with a lovely floral pattern (it’s comfortable, at least), all off the street. Rich people seem to enjoy throwing things out as much as they like buying new stuff. I’m not complaining.

Margaret Atwood – esteemed author and famous Canadian and Torontonian – is even a neighbour of mine. Apparently she lives in “The Annex” – that’s my neighbourhood. (This excites me, but I’m not sure why. If I ever do find her exact address, what am I actually going to do? Set up camp on her lawn so that I can tell her I love her? Send her tokens of my love like my favourite pages of my books, or perhaps a severed finger? Steal her mail? None of these seem like particularly good ideas.)

Anyway, I’ve lucked out. Since I’m living in a “co-operative housing community” I have fourteen housemates and we get to live in our own huge and beautiful Victorian house. It’s a bit of all right, I must say.



  1. O hai!

    Sorry everyone, I know this is a bit of a nothing entry but I wanted to put SOMETHING up and my brain’s a bit flat at the moment… I really really really will put something new up soon though.

  2. hot.

  3. Like toast in the morning!

  4. What a gorgeous looking house. : ]

  5. what are you talking about??

    severed fingers aren’t such a bad idea, maybe one from every housemate, and deliver them to her…

    you know, “on the 14th day of Christmas my stalker gave to me, a severed ring-finger” and so on??

  6. Have I ever told you how overrated I find Margaret Atwood?

    I love hard rubbish finds though! Hope you’re well!!

  7. Further to this – are you srs in that those from Torontonians? That’s such an awkward word!

  8. Jill: Yeah, Torontonians has too many syllables.

    I’m surprised you don’t like Atwood. If it doesn’t pain you too much, try Oryx and Crake. Maybe you need more pessimism? :D

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